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Thread: FS: 60 doujin games + some doujin sndtrks

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    Default FS: 60 doujin games + some doujin sndtrks

    Picked up a large lot of doujins to get a handful for myself! For those of you unfamiliar, these are Japanese fan-made PC games that run on Windows and are commercially released. Selling on a first come, first serve basis, minimum $20 order, shipping at cost, Paypal only (gift or 4% fee)!

    Here's the lot of what's available! I've separated em by genre as much as possible. I have run most of these on my system with no issues (Windows 7 64 bit). A few only run if your system is set to Japan. Without further ado, here's the list with prices!:

    Shooting (aka shmups):
    Elsie! I will see you later. (Horiz, fast paced with odd cat/bat companion) $15
    XTom 3D (Non-standard 3D rail driven, sometimes vert) $20
    Cloudius (bit manic Gradius tribute) $25
    Melon Squash (Horiz bike riding...VERY hard) $10
    Koukuu Shoujotai (360 degree lock-on shooter w/unlockable naughty bits) $25
    TWilight INSanity (Vert. danmaku) $25
    Trouble Witches (Horiz, very polished, rare) $30
    Sangokushi Tai Sen (Vert. danmaku, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms theme) $20
    Galamoss Arrangement (Galaga remix with danmaku mode, slowdown on my system for some reason?) $25
    PlaDzma (Vert. from the makers of PriZm and Zillion Beatz) $25
    Re-UNION (Horiz with VERY fast pacing and bullets, full 3D, nice game but hard!) $25
    World of Barrage (Vert. danmaku, very colorful) $20
    ...The Alternative Age (Vert. danmaku, basically level challenges, not full levels as far as I can tell) $15
    Axis Poses (prototype from C76)(Horiz. where you shoot the clothes off a well-rendered sexy teacher....odd) $30
    Alternative Sphere (early build 0.10, disc only, plays just like the full release as far as I can tell) $15
    MARS Shooting (no idea on this one...looks like an early proto, totally unlabeled, disc only, can't get it going on my system) $10
    Youkaidenka - Violent Attack of Denka (Touhou vert, proto, menu has issues but it's a very standard touhou style when it gets going) $10
    Suguri (Horiz. from Orange Juice....unique attack system) $30
    eXceed 3rd Jade Penetrade Black Package (Vert. danmaku shmup with Ikaruga style color shifts - c76 Edition) $20

    Soul Saber (3D fighter) $25
    Blue Mischief (2D team fighter, more than 2 characters) $30
    Akatsuki Blitzkampf (3D fighter) $25
    Fatal/Fake (3D figher) $10
    Fatal Fake - Crucis (3D team fighter) $15
    Angel Star Road (All girl 2D fighter) $20
    Dragon Blast (3D fighter) $20
    Acceleration of Suguri (shmup style fighter) $30 (HOLD)
    Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition (shmup style fighter) $20 (HOLD)
    Crimson Alive - Extreme Encounter (2D fighter) $25
    Yatagarasu (2D fighter) $30
    Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (2D fighter) $30

    Toki No Akuma (Gradius style powerup system from the makers of Diadra Empty) $25
    The Marionette Antique (little girl with a magic Knight avatar that fights for her) $20
    Zolan (mech-based, reminds me of Blaster Master kind of) $20
    Yuuseimakyo no Kimi - Super Electromagnetic Action (girl with a laser and an electomagnetic ball and chain) $25
    Magical Hop (side-scrolling beat-em up which looks neat...lags on my system for some reason) $20

    Adventure games:
    Chantelise (3D adventure game, very polished) $20
    Princess Shade (Interesting Zelda-esque game with cool enemies and lots of bullets as well as RPG elements) $25
    Mobile Force Gungal (looks like a Gundam ripoff in 3D) $10
    Danneta 2 (odd Ys style dungeon crawler) $10

    Nyaa Nyaa Triad (odd Bomberman-style game with weird creatures and fruit collecting and shooting things but no bombs) $15
    Tokotok! (VERY strange adventure-ish game with lots of mini-games that range from keyboard games to shmups) $15
    SilhOuetta (3D block puzzle game) $15
    [UNKNOWN] from Marcken Software (Racing game with a little girl and some Pikachu-ish creatures....a lot like Neo-Driftout?!?!) $25
    [UNKNOWN] from Asia Lunar (actual GBA ROM that looks like a bunch of GBA shmups from the pics) $10
    [UNKNOWN] part 3 from Asia Lunar (another GBA collection I think) $10
    [UNKNOWN] D.C.T.V.3 DAME Disk Ver. 5.01 (no clue what this is...can't seem to run it) $10
    [UNKNOWN] Some game with a witch and a bat girl on the other info, can't get it to run) $10

    The Sacred Tears - TRUE (looks like a really good traditional 16 bit RPG) $10
    Succubus Quest ("Sex-Battle RPG" X-Rated) $15
    Dual End: Limit of Judgement - Opning Edition (looks like a post-apocalyptic 8-bit RPG...can't get it to run ) $10

    Graphic Adventures:
    Aetheric Doll (X-Rated) $15
    Dagger - the Overture of the Mixed Chorus (cute anime girls) $10
    /Sa/e/ (XXX-Rated...would have to email pictures of the back cover...I won't post em) $25
    Tsugihagi (no idea...looks like a high production value graphic adventure) $10
    Inuyo (another nice looking one...cute girls and guns) $10
    Mushitsuki - The dream at night in the midwinter (X-rated) $15
    Witch Quest (high production value, cute witches) $15
    Kaidou (looks nice, no idea what it is at all) $10
    Magina Master II (no, that isn't a typo and I have NO idea if this is filthy or not, but at a guess...) $10
    Eine (VERY nice looking game from Grunwald) $15
    Jinrou Kitan (again, no idea...looks nice, comes with a separate omake disc) $10

    Doujin Soundtracks:
    UNIversal SONority (UNISON) - TWilight INSanity Soundtrack (31 tracks) $25
    MELancholy of DYnasty (MELODY) - TWilight refrAIN Soundtrack (31 tracks) $25
    Touhou Suimusou - Immaterial and Missing Power Soundtrack 2 Disc (Day disc - 24 tracks, Night disc - 23 tracks) $30
    Higurashi Daybreak Soundtrack 2 Disc (OST - 19 tracks, Arrange? - 20 tracks, comes with a thick booklet and in a nice slipcase) $30 (HOLD)
    Acceleration of Sugiri Soundtrack (13 tracks) $20 (HOLD)
    Akyu's Untouched Score Vol. 5 - Highly Responsive to Prayers (Touhou soundtrack, 15 tracks, not bad at all) $15
    Chantelise Original Sound Tracks (27 tracks, quite good) $25
    [UNKNOWN] Soundtrack (may be to a game called Kaminega? Not sure..., 24 tracks, pretty decent) $15
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    Bump! Prices are a bit negotiable, especially if you're grabbing a few items!
    scooterb: "I once shot a man in Catan, just to watch him die."

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