Well I almost gave up on the Flea Market totally until today... All summer there are these two crack heads who think they can charge sometimes MORE than Ebay prices for older systems, you guys know the type, 2 dollars for a combat cart, or 30 dolars for a genesis 6-Pak (because it has 6 games thats why they charge so much) The fact that I live 20 minutes away from the flea market makes it hard enough already, so it means I have to try to get up extra early..... Finally I thought I got up early today, but still these two Nimrods went around to every vendor and snagged everything up but commons...... So swearing under my breath that I'd never come back to the flea market ever again, as I was walking out a guy was setting up his table (I guess he was on the same sleep schedule I was) As he was unloading he puts out a small tray of games. I almost didnt look, because I thought they would be the same NHL'94's and Super Mario Worlds. But Boy am I glad I did!! This is what I "Won"

Super Metroid (SNES) -3 dollars
Sim City (SNES) -3 dollars
Contra III (SNES) - 3 dollars
Final Fantasy III (SNES) - 3 dollars
Namco Museum 64 (N64) - 3 dollars

Grand Total? 15 dollars... All mint. So I guess I will still peruse the Flea Market after all..

So since I was on a roll I checked the local Thrift Shop too,, even though they never have anything. I scored Again.

Complete, mint, Legacy of the Wizard (NES) - $1.50
complete, mint, Night Trap {Yellow box} (32x/CD) -4 dollars
boxed Rampart, mint (NES) - 5 dollars

So I had a somewhat decent find, well prob since last winter!!! Score! I then took a well earned nap!

The moral of the story you ask? Never give up classic gamer, when you are having those dry spells of not finding anything, that means the next find will be great when it does come!

P.S. Sorry this is so long, I don't post too often, but I felt this was needed, maybe now that I am outta my "dry spell" I will post more!