3DO in plastic gun rental case with all the hookups. 1st gen.

Includes the following games:

Alone in the Dark (Book + Game)
Total Eclipse (Book + Game)
Flashback (Loose)
Space Hulk (Loose)
Road Rash (Loose)
Myst (Loose)
Star Control II (Loose)
Way of the Warrior (Complete)
Twisted (Complete)
Captain Quazar (Complete)
Shockwave 2 (No Book)
Phoenix 3 (No Book)
Return Fire (No Book)
Novastorm (Loose)
Quaranteen (Loose)
Samurai Shodown (Book + Game)

Also up is a boxed Atari Jaguar which includes all hookups and paperwork.

Includes loose copies of Cybermorph and Kasumi Ninja

I cross-post on several forums, including NeoGAF, Digital Press, Neo-Geo.com, etc. etc. it's first come, first served. The first to PM me gets the goodies.

I'm willing to take any offer, PM me if interested. I try and check it several times a day. Bear with me if it takes time for me to respond to messages, I only do this part-time.

PM me with your zip code for shipping quote.