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Thread: Backing up GameBoy Pokemon Red Game to PC

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    Default Backing up GameBoy Pokemon Red Game to PC

    Hello everyone,

    So my Pokemon Red game refuses to boot up anymore. I tried cleaning the cartridge to no end. But it isn't helping. Anyway I do have another (My brother's) Pokemon Red game and a Gameboy Mega Memory card (which can backup and manage game saves). So I do have my Pokemon Red save on there.

    So my issue is, I want to backup the save to my computer and maybe use it in an emulator, or at least preserve it. The only device I have is an Blaze MPXchanger which I bought at EB games over 10 years ago or so. Using the old parallels cable it is able to dump a save file, but I can't get it to be read through any emulator. It saves it as a 'bleem' file and I think maybe the software is just messed up.

    So I was wondering, what GameBoy cart readers are available today for the PC? I know the GameBoy advance adapters are not compatible, because of the voltage difference. I currently have a GameBoy Color, a GameCube (soft-modded with SD Media Launcher) with GBA player, and a GameBoy Advance, and an original Nintendo DS (phat). So I'm wondering maybe if a PC adapter is easier, or if there is someway to use the GameCube which is modded with the GameBoy player to copy the game save (although that seems complicated).

    Any ideas or advise would be very helpful, thanks!

    I was googling around and thought these were good starting points:
    Downloading pics from a Gameboy Camera
    USB cart (which seems to be available to order in a few days)
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