Hey guys I have sold my PDS about a year ago and having seller's remorse so I would love to pick this up again.

I would prefer to trade if possible.

Let me know what you might be interested in.

Some things I have for trade include:
Under Defeat
Fast Striker
Worms for N64 with box
Metroid II Gameboy Complete Original Release
Contra Alien Wars Gameboy Complete
Operation C Gameboy complete
Final Fantasy Legend 1, 2, 3, and Adventure Gameboy all complete I think all are Square releases
All the good Gamecube stuff
Metroid Prime Trilogy complete and mint
Mega Man X3 cart & box
Mega Man 7 cart & box
Oscar Cart & Box
Hurricanes Complete
Syndicate Complete
Bunch of SNES Boxed/Complete Games let me know what you are looking for