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Thread: FS: Atari 800XL, 400 / 800 / XL / XE cartridges, more!

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    Default FS: Atari 800XL, 400 / 800 / XL / XE cartridges, more!

    Last updated: Saturday 10/1/2011, 6:16pm PDT


    I am open to offers on all items listed below.

    Continental USA only please but if you have the cash I'm listening. Shipping is via USPS and will more than likely be flat rate box. Shipping is not included in prices unless stated, all sales are final.

    I'm in good standing here but you already know that.

    Payment is either via PayPal gift from a connected bank account or PayPal funds on hand (NO CREDIT CARDS) or USPS Postal Money Order.


    In continuing to get rid of things I no longer play or have interest in, we have arrived at my Atari computers, namely my 800XL. The system is in good shape and works 100% without any issues. Displays immediately upon power up (I've had another one in the past that needed some warm-up time) and all keys are present and functional. Power supply is original and in good shape as well. You'll have to provide your own joystick (VCS/2600, 7800 or Genesis pad) and video cable but I will provide a phono to type-F converter so you don't need a manual switchbox.

    Additionally I have a bunch of Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE cartridges up for sale that I've been storing for years. They were given to me as a gift of the electronics program when I was in high school, and had been in storage for years up until that point.

    All cartridges should work and were tested in the Atari 800XL that is for sale. All functioned as they should with the exception of Speedway Blast which wouldn't get passed the title screen - I probably don't have enough RAM in the 800 I was testing the carts on, as if I'm remembering right it only worked on the 16K installed Atari 400XL I used to have. I guess some of these are considered fairly rare.

    Atari Graphics / Lightpen (three cartridges of this, two versions on EPROMs)
    Pilot Computing Language (on EPROMs)
    Basic Computing Language
    Assembler Editor Computing Language (two cartridges of this)
    Speedway Blast
    Halftime Battlin' Bands
    Coco Notes
    Choplifter! (cartridge plastic halves are split apart but game works fine)
    Congo Bongo
    Jumbo Jet Pilot

    I also have a cartridge caddy / case that can be included, it's in good shape with no cracks or damage. It will add a lot of bulk for shipping however.

    Last, I have an Atari 400 / 800 programming manual in fair but decent condition. You can tell it was used heavily years ago but it seems to be complete.

    I'd like to sell everything as a single lot unless there's a big offer for specific cartridges (which I doubt). I'm completely out of touch with the value of this stuff, so an offer is best. For those that want a price, let's say $40.00 for everything.

    If you are in Silicon Valley or the South Bay Area and would like to arrange local pickup, that is best due to the bulk and weight of everything. Shipping is going to be high on this stuff so local is probably the way to go. This setup will be simultaneously posted on craigslist but priority will always go to the earliest message, here or there.

    If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

    Looks like this has been sold via craigslist, locking it up.
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