Alright guys, i am NOT going to go for a full set, so i went through my stuff and looked at the games that I don't really care to play and here is a list: These are all AT LEAST BOXED, I THINK MOST ARE COMPLETE

Better Games

Nosferatu CIB very nice

Oscar Cart and Box, box has some wear

Hurricanes Complete

Ren & Stimpy Time Warp cart and box

Wizardry V complete

No Escape Box only great shape

Extertainment Mountain Bike Rally

Super Chase HQ

Non-Sports Games

Carrier Aces

Super Alfred Chicken

Adventures of Mighty Max

Ahhh Real Monsters

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Pt 2


Lock On

Lethal Weapon

Fatal Fury 2

Metal Combat

Pit Fighter


World Heroes

We're Back

Street Racer

Super Off Road Baja

Jeopardy Sports

Jeopardy Deluxe

Power Ranger Battle Racers

GP1 Part II Box only

The Duel Test Drive II box only

Red Line F1 Racer

Indy Car Nigell Mansell

Kyle Petty No Fear Racing

Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge


Vegas Stakes

Wheel of Fortune

Lethal Weapon

Family Feud

Cutthroat Island

Home Alone 2


Krusty's Funhouse

Super Battletank 2

Super Pinball

Shanghai II

Super Caesars Palace

Super Battletank

Revolution X

Championship Pool



Sports Games:

Wayne Gretzky Hokcey

Hyper V-Ball box only

Barkley Shut Up and Jam

Tommy Moe

Michael Jordan Windy City Chaos

NCAA Final Four

Ken Griffey Baseball


College Slam

Jack Nicklaus Golf

Agassi Tennis

Winter Olympics

Roger Clemens Baseball

Big Hurt Baseball

Tournament of Champions


Sterling Sharpe End to End

Foreman For Real

Super Bases Loaded

Pebble Beach

Playaction Football

Mark Davis Fishing Master


Mecarobot golf

Batter Up

QB Club

As for trades I will be interested in good fun Boxed SNES, NES stuff I don't have along with Sega Saturn and Sega CD stuff that I don't have that interests me, or good old cash