I haven't been around in quite some time and surely have stopped collecting.

I'd like to sell some Famicom Handbills, Dragon Quest plushes and Reproductions.

Pic of the Dragon Quest plushes can be seen here -- (A few of them were sold in the past, most notably Dragonlord Dragon form, but 95% of them are still around)

For a list of most of the Famicom Handbills I still have, please visit my site (Some of these have also been sold, but I still have 95-98% of these as well)

1) Vs. Super Mario Bros (retrousb) - $42
2) Vs. Castlevania (retrousb) - $38
3) Vs. Excitebike (retrousb) - $38
4) Recca CIB (reccanes) - $45

Please PM me with any interest on any of these items and we can work something out.