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I could never get the 32X to be stable. I used the metal tabs on the inside of the cartridge slot, and without. I used it with a Model 1 and a Model 2, and there was no difference. The 32X was just fundamentally unstable. It would just freeze or glitch if the 32X had a strong breeze hit it. I always liked T-Mek and Shadow Squadron, but it was just too much trouble to keep running. With emulation it's far easier to play 32X games and letting me play games I couldn't play before (like Darxide) and find the gems in the library, although I still can't give a damn about Metal Head.
It's been ages since I've hooked up my 32X but I don't remember having issues like that. Did you clean the connectors on it, including the cart slot that 32X games fit in? Not a lot of people seem to clean the cart slot too, mostly just the bottom connector that plugs into the Genesis cart slot.