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Thread: Dungeon Defenders not on Forum Search? Really??!! Sweet game!

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    Default Dungeon Defenders not on Forum Search? Really??!! Sweet game!

    I searched for this first to make sure there wasn't another topic on it, so unless I missed it, I cannot believe there is not another forum topic on Dungeon Defenders! :O

    This is one heck of a little game! I say little only as a metaphor, the game is in fact extraordinarily meaty and full of copious amounts of rock em' sock em' your socks off gameplay. It pulls some of the best game ideas together over the past decade together very nicely.

    For example one of my favorite online rpg ideas came from Phantasy Star Online where everyone could teleport to a lobby to socialize or catch their breathe, take a break, etc.., given it is scaled down a tad, but it makes it a seemless experience. The upgrading system is akin to God of War, hold a button down to fill a bar. It makes for a very customized feeling approach, where you can get exactly what you need from every weapon or piece of gear, it is in fact much more in depth with many different elements and weapon specializations having to be taken into consideration.

    And the gameplay? Man the do i define such a fine tuned experience? I can't really, all I can say is if you have ever dabbled in turret defense games and even liked it a "little" then this game is a must, as it is by far the best turret defense game ever created! It takes careful planning "with quite a large amount of room for different ways to play", quick reflexes and the passion to want to be a hero in desperate situations and zone out into that gaming mana that so few games these days offer.

    Teamwork overall helps a TON, but you CAN be that one player that comes in to save the day and it feels epic when these moments happen, very epic. It's exhilarating, fun, epic, and just plain kick ass in general. Sure it has some cutesy graphics and it seems like it wouldn't be anything more than a turret game, but it in fact is a very relaxing, kick ass intense, extremely rewarding game all rolled into one. One of the best games of the past decade, no doubt.

    It's like someone took some Nintendo, shit some Sega on it, stepped on it with Sony shoes and copied the rest of the ideas from some of the best action rpg's and addictive gameplay elements and made one helluva enjoyable gaming experience. This game is a must for anyone even remotely interested, actually I say everyone cause you will make friends with this game, this is the type of game that brings gamers together. Already made 5 really cool friends in one night. It's got that "oh i can't believe we survived that" thing going for it.
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