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Thread: Danger Will Robinson!

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    Default Danger Will Robinson!

    I found this auction on ebay today:

    This is a real laserdisc::

    This is a CED: (Capacitance Electronic Disc)

    The two formats are not compatible and there is virtually no demand for CEDs - lasers (depending on the title) are still fairly collectible/desirable.

    I have seen this before - where they crop the the picture of the CED to make it resemble a laserdisc (the CEDs are a larger plastic frame with the artwork glued to the top - usually they crop out the frame to show just the artwork) - this is somewhat more clever than most since they showed (mostly) only the titles - there are a few giveaways though - on the upper right corner of Phantasm you can see the Selectavision (RCA's name for CEDs) although it is not legible, the difference in the covers for the victory at sea and at least two of the titles (Venom and Visiting Hours) were never released on laserdisc.

    I find these types of efforts pretty amusing (if devious).
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