A little while ago, I bought some old gaming magazines from a guy on the net. After getting into Retro Gaming, I thought that I would also enjoy looking at the old magazines. One of the issues that was in the stack was Next-Generation issue No. 12. This is their December 1995 issue. All I can say, is that this is an absolute must have issue, if you are a Retro Gamer that is interested at all, in the time period when the Playstation and Saturn and 3DO and Atari Jaguar were all on the market going head to head.

This issue really is amazing. As amazing anyways as a random issue of an old gaming magazine can be. This issue has special features on the Playstation, the Saturn, the 3DO, the Jaguar and Jag CD, the Neo-Geo CD, the Virtual Boy, the 32X, the CD-I, the M2 and the then named Ultra 64. Although in this same issue, it's revealed that the name will actually be the Nintendo 64.

It's got a 32 page report that details the pros and cons of each next generation system. Because it's the December issue, it's got 223 pages of gaming lore.

If there is someway that you can get your hands on this particular issue, I would highly recommend it.