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Thread: THIS GAME Needs to be Remade for Modern Consoles - Nomination Time

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    Default Final Fantasy 3 for SNES

    I can't describe how much I love this game. I want the remake (PS3 or PS4) to be done in the Final Fantasy 10 style, fully immersive 3d (I can't wait for the HD FFX either). Because so many of us are so used to the top down view and it might become disorienting, especially in places like the Phoenix Cave or Kefka's Palace, I want to borrow some pages from other games' playbooks. Dragon Warrior 8 has a world map that can be pulled up at any time, which would be outstanding in high definition, with a zoom feature added in a la Google Earth. Also from Dragon Warrior 8, when you're in Godbird form, the orb map in the corner would be great for airship travel in FF3. When walking around and trying not to get lost due to being so used to 2d top-down view, Baldur's Gate 2: Dark Alliance has the hook-up with the ghost overlay that you can summon or dismiss at will. Heck, the Baldur's Gate menu system wouldn't be terrible now that I think about it (convenient equip/disequip of armour, espers, relics, selection of Gogo's abilities, etc.), but I'd probably have to stick with the FFX one just for loyalty to the franchise's sake. Lastly, the PSP remakes of FF1 and FF2 have nice new bonus dungeons, with Ultros, etc. If there was a way to fight Gigantuar, Siegfried, General Leo, Bahamut, Odin, Gestahl, and countless others outside of the normal context of the game that would be awesome.

    Also a Soul Blazer trilogy similarly done, Crystalis HD, and Quest 64 HD. Heck, Mario 64 in HD would be nice! Or the original Kirby's Adventure for NES in HD, anthology anyone?
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    I've always dreamed of coding a remake of the black cauldron on nes or some other 8 or 16 bit system. Not that anyone else loves this sierra classic but I always loved the dark tone of the Disney movie. I'd make it more of an action rpg like diablo and focus less on the puzzle solving.

    For those who haven't played it the graphics are simple bit clean and it was one of the first games where you could interact with your surroundings without having to type and there were multiple endings. I also thought the music was done really well although not many tracks. Not bad for 1987 and is love to see a remake of this similar to the kings quest remakes by agi.
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