The sale comes with the AV Famicom, box, manuals, AC adapter from Hori, AV cables, and 2 controllers. The system, controllers, and contents shows very little signs of wear, but nothing easily noticeable. This Famicom has been tested and works beautifully. The controller ports and extension port works. (I plugged in a Famicom light gun to test) This Famicom outputs a clean picture in my broadcast monitor and audio sounds very clear with no signs of interference noise. The serial number of the manual matches the serial number of the console, so this is the original manual that was packed with the console. Pictures are provided below.

I also have a Nintendo 3DS (Japanese Version) in excellent condition. The system was bought new by me from Play-Asia before the American release and was barely used. Screen protectors from Hori have been added into each screen. Since I am too busy nowadays, I can't focus on gaming on the 3DS. So I'm selling this to someone who will love playing the 3DS.

This listing comes with the Nintendo 3DS, box, manuals, stylus, AC adapter, docking cradle, Hori carrying case, and Hori game storage case. Also, I will be including 18 DS games and 1 3DS game. The contents here shows very little signs of wear, but nothing easily noticeable. AR Cards have never been touched, still sealed! This Nintendo 3DS has been tested and works beautifully. The 3DS outputs a clean picture and audio sounds very clear. Pictures provided is what the buyer will get.

One special thing you'll get with this 3DS is that you'll be eligible for the Ambassador Program. Pretty soon, you'll be able to download 10 free Game Boy Advance games. For now, there are 10 Famicom games that have been downloaded. They are:

1. Super Mario Bros.
2. Donkey Kong Jr.
3. Balloon Fight
4. Ice Climber
5. The Legend of Zelda
6. Wrecking Crew
7. Mario Open Golf
8. Yoshi's Egg
9. Metroid
10. Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

This Nintendo 3DS is the Japanese version. All the games here will work on this 3DS, except for Sonic Classic Collection since that game has a region lock which will only work on a North American DSi or 3DS.

The games that are being included are:

1. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (Japanese)
2. Diddy Kong Racing DS (US)
3. Kirby Canvas Curse (US)
4. Kirby Squeak Squad (US)
5. Kirby Super Star Ultra (US)
6. Mario Kart DS (US)
7. Mario Party DS (US)
8. New Super Mario Bros. (US)
9. Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends (US)
10. Pokemon Heart Gold Version (US) (Includes Pokewalker)
11. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US)
12. Sonic Classic Collection (US)
13. Sonic Colors (Japanese)
14. Sonic Rush (Japanese)
15. Sonic Rush Adventure (Japanese)
16. Super Mario 64 DS (US)
17. Tetris DS (US)
18. Yoshi's Island DS (US)
19. Yoshi Touch & Go (US)
•Every game included comes with box and manuals.

Pictures provided below.

Take advantage of buying this from a US seller so you would not pay expensive EMS shipping. I offer free priority shipping to the United States. I will also ship international, just PM me.

Send me offers! I would prefer not to sell the games individually, sorry!