Here's some of the stuff i want to get rid.

I'm looking for NES games and especially empty boxes and manual that i don't have.

So send me your tradelist and/or make a cash offer.

I can only deal with money order (international pink/orange, the green one is not cashable in Canada), since i don't have Paypal (sorry!)

The Atari 2600 and Intellivision lot are not divisable.

thanks for your understanding.



= Amiga CD32 =

Rise of the Robot [miss manual, CD case broken in upper left corner, minor damage)

= Atari 2600 lot =

(Coleco) boxed Gemini unit [2 Gemini sticks+ Y cable + RF cable + RF Switch + 2 foams + all paperworks, only miss a Power Supply]

(Atari) Atari 2600 VCS 4S Woodgrain (manual only)

(20th C.Fox) Flash Gordon
(Activision) Kaboom! [actiplaque+screwholes, International Edition]
(Activision) Megamania [actiplaque, International Edition]
(Activision) Pressure Cooker [actiplaque]
(Activision) River Raid [actiplaque]
(Activision) Skiing [actiplaque]
(Activision) Stampede [actiplaque]
(Atari) Missile Command
(Atari) MS Pac-Man [silver label]
(Apollo) Infiltrate
(Coleco) Donkey Kong [+manual]
(Coleco) Mr. Do! [screwholes]
(Coleco) Mouse Trap [+manual]
(Data Age) Journey Espace
(Imagic) Fathom
(M Network) Lock N Chase
(M Network) Space Attack
(Milton Bradley) Spitfire Attack [miss top label, bilingual label]
(Parker Bothers) Amidar
(US Games) Towering Inferno
(US Games) Word Zapper

Atari 7800

Desert Falcon
Pole Position 2


BC Quest for tires

Intellivision lot

(INTV) INTV System III system
[miss plastic protection over the power button, no RF cable and/or switch]
(Intellivision) Intellivoice [COMPLETE]

(Imagic) Imagic catalog

(Imagic) Atlantis [COMPLETE]
(INTV) World Championship Baseball [game+manual+box is a little crush)
(Parker Brothers) Frogger
(Sears) Space Spartans

Nintendo (NES)

Castlevania II - Simon's Quest
Pinbot (manual only, fair shape)
Famicom to NES converter (60 to 72 pins)

Nintendo Power (all in OK condition)

Nintendo (Gameboy)

Nuby Magnifying Glass (fit on 1st Gameboy generation only)

Odyssey 2

(Magnavox) Math-A-Magic ! - Echo ! (COMPLETE)
(Magnavox) Conflit Cosmique ! - Cosmic Conflict ! (COMPLETE)
(Philips) Videopac 38 Munchkin (COMPLETE)

Sega Master System

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (BOXED)

Sega CD

Tomcat Alley (complete, damaged case,writting on manual)

Sega Saturn

Blast Chamber [sealed]
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei [sealead]


12 spaces rack (with Famicom and Nintendo logo)


Michael Knight (KNIGTH RIDER) Action Figure (some paint loss, in good condition)

Crap Stuff / Broken Stuff

Super Mario Bros. : Mario's Revenge Target Shooting Game (w/Box)
(Pseudo "pinball" machine, miss 1 target, back cardboard graphic)
(and the ball. doesn't work very well)

Sega Master System pad (1 button doesn't work)

Sega Genesis Model 2 (joystick port 1 broken, otherwise work good)

Coleco Football Handheld (work,without battery cover, miss front sticker)