We are having a little tournament series. It is called "THIS GAME Needs to be Remade for Modern Consoles" or TGNRMC for short.

How the tourney period works: Two games will go mano-a-mano per thread with people voting for their favorite. The winners of each bracket will face off against the other winners in the following brackets until only the winning "champion game" remains.

The rules: There will be one tourney match per day until a final winner is decided. All "champion games" are ineligible for future "THIS GAME Needs to be Remade" tournaments.


This thread is for voting between Burning Rangers and Eternal Champions. Burning Rangers and Wizards and Warriors tied in votes for the last bracket; Burning Rangers won the subsequent coin toss.

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Burning Rangers !!
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Eternal Champions challenge from the dark side. Do this game up like the new Mortal Kombat and you would have one good game.
VOTE and determine the winner!