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Thread: (Please Lock) FS: NES Power Set + Games, NES ROB + Gyromite Set

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    Default (Please Lock) FS: NES Power Set + Games, NES ROB + Gyromite Set

    I've sold games and systems here before, You can view my good feedback here:

    I only accept Paypal for Payment.

    The Power Set: All that is included is the Box, System, Styrofoam, Manuals, Two Controllers, An Orange Zapper, The Mario/Duck Hunt/Track Meet cart, The Power Pad (Which I couldn't get to work) And several games are also included: Burgertime (With Box, Styrofoam, Messed up manual) Donkey Kong Classics (With Box and Sleeve) Q*Bert (With Box, Manual and Styrofoam) and Bandai Golf Challenge At Pebble Beach (Loose,) See pictures for the condition.

    I'm asking $50 for this with the games, That includes free USPS shipping Delivery Confirmation and Full Insurance to buyers within the 48 Continental States of America.

    You can see many more pictures here:

    Now, The Robot. This ROB Robot is the "Cyclops" Version And it comes with all of the Gyromite parts: Claws, Gyro Holder, Controller & Spinning Gyro Holder, Gyro Spinner and the game Gyromite. I tested the Robot and Gyro Spinner, They both work.

    I'm asking $80 including free USPS Shipping With Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.

    View 16 more pictures here:

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    Would you be willing to ship either of those abroad?

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