It seems as my current CDX nears drinking age, the laser mirror is either dusty or the laser is dimming. I have tried the usual easy things that have improved it slightly: cleaning the lens with alcohol, blowing and vacuuming around the laser lens.

I don't want to risk damage opening it, the system is only slightly bigger than a CD player and is very complex and fragile (per online FAQs). I rescued it from a thrift store a decade ago and have used it since then.

I would like another that is a bit better off, it doesn't need to have a controller, or games, or the AV cable. All I want is the AC adapter and unit. Looking for under $100, which seems reasonable after looking at Amazon, auctions, completed items, etc.

Anyone else remember and love this ultra portable system? Even 20 years later, it is still a cool piece of tech. I am currently playing Shining Force CD on it, and the audio tracks are dropping out now and then. Other games give similar behavior or give read errors.

Please PM.