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Thread: Classic gaming basement - suggestions?

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    Default Classic gaming basement - suggestions?

    Here's the story:

    Bought a house in Minneapolis in June of last year. I am just now getting around to renovating my basement, and I want to include the following:

    3 SDTVs running rotating systems from the NES (possibly older) to the Wii
    2 pinball machines (Terminator 2 & Johnny Pneumonic)
    1 Neo Geo 4 or 6 slot

    Any general tips from anybody else who's done a gaming basement? I'm planning on putting plenty of power outlets down there.
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    Are you starting from scratch? If so, sound dampening between floors is a must, it doesn't have to be "dead" but you should do your level best to cut down on the noise, especially from the pinball machines.

    Use a dedicated circuit on the panel for the room. What you have listed isn't a lot, but if you get it all running at the same time, plus a surround sound, some lights and what not, you'll need the "space" within the circuit.

    Wouldn't you be better served to run a single CRT TV on a switcher for the older systems? Three seems like a lot, and you can't play more than one at a time anyway.

    What is the general shape and size of the room? Have you thought about flooring? Is this a dedicated games room for ever and for always, or is this the "rec room?"

    Are there kids in this house? Are there plans for kids? How about a spouse?

    Concessions need to be made if there are.

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