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Thread: Felix the Cat: The Great Comic Book Tails

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    Default Felix the Cat: The Great Comic Book Tails

    I've always liked the old Felix the Cat comic books from the 1940s and 50s, which were published in French in Quebec in the 1970s. An anthology of the Dell Comics series by Otto Messmer and Joe Oriolo was published last year in both hard cover and trade paperback editions. I ordered a copy of the TPB edition on and wow, it's pretty nice. 225 pages, oversize with a short history of Felix comics that spans 35 pages. Since the pages are larger than comic books, details are quite abundant and the color and printing style gives the impression of actually looking at a vintage book rather than an artificially remastered color treatment.

    Hardcover edition:

    Softcover edition:

    Price greatly varies -- I paid $17 for my copy over at On, both editions are pretty much the same price (although I personally prefer the softcover design). You can access the page preview on for a taste of the insides of the book.
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    My son and I just got into watching Felix the Cat (c. 1950s) on Netflix. I can't help but feel that my childhood would have been significantly richer with this cartoon in my life. WHile I was aware of Felix as a character, I never saw a single cartoon until a few weeks ago. The Hudson Soft video game is also pretty damn cool on the NES I recently discovered.

    I might have to track down some scans of the comics online to see what they're like.

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