Portal 2 snatched the PS3 crown with more of a lead than it did in the XBOX 360 category, and with good reason, Portal 2 for the Playstation 3 included a groundbreaking feature from developer VALVE that allowed, for the first time in this console's lifetime cross-platform play with PC gamers running the game from their STEAM interface.

To many gamers this gracious move was as welcome as it was unexpected considering VALVE front-man Gabe Newell's public criticism of Sony's current-gen hardware in years prior.

So an award befitting not only a great game, but a coming together of industry giants!

Voting Stats
Yakuza 4 2 Votes 10.00%
Batman Arkham City 1 Vote 5.00%
Back to the Future The Game 0 Votes 0%
Uncharted 3 4 Votes 20.00%
Little Big Planet 2 0 Votes 0%
Dark Souls 3 Votes 15.00%
No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise 2 Votes 10.00%
Bulletstorm 2 Votes 10.00%
Portal 2 6 Votes 30.00%