While 2011 is the final year that the PSP will be Sony's only entry in the portable market, it was a year that brought with it that ever-so-familiar cycle of localized titles from Japan that tend to please collectors/gamers of our very special ilk.

Of the batch that were nominated, the popular high-school demon summoning strategy RPG Persona 2 Innocent Sin not only made the grade, but graduated with top honors! (See what I did there?)

Study up on your Persona 2, there will be a test:

Voting Stats
Patapon 3 3 Votes 25.00%
Corpse Party 0 Votes 0%
Dissidia 012 2 Votes 16.67%
Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky 2 Votes 16.67%
Persona Innocent Sin 4 Votes 33.33%
Where is my Heart? 1 Vote 8.33%