Alright guys I have the following things to sell off or will trade. Shipping is extra If you think my prices are off make me offers.

Atari Jaguar System Complete in box $90

Nintendo 64 System complete in box $45

Sega Nomad System with new screen and AC Adapter $55

Smoke System no controller or cords $25

Pikachu system no hookups, controller, missing jumper pak cover $15

Watermelon controller $15

NES Advantage with box (no styrofoam) $15

TMNT Tournament Fighters $40

Trigger Heart Exelica $55

Peace Keepers complete (manual cover is loose from the staples) $45

Worms cart & box (box has tear in the front of the box) $60

Atari Karts complete $85

Paladin's Quest snes cart & box $25

Super Bonk cart & box $30

Inindo cart & box $10

Saturday Night Slam Masters complete $15

Total Carnage SNES complete $10

Gunforce cart & box $15

Cybernator snes cart $7

Pilotwings snes cart $5

Wanderer from Y's III cart only $7

Space Invaders N64 complete (box is rough) $12

Pokemon Puzzle League N64 complete $13

Quest 64 complete $15

Trick Shooting NES complete $8

Star Ocean PS1 no manual $16

Battle Royale TG16 cart, manual, and case no outer box $8

Final Fantasy Legend GB cart, box, and manual $20

Virtual League Baseball complete Virtual Boy $7

Valkyrie Profile PSP complete $12

Monster Hunter Tri for Wii Factory Sealed with controller box has some crushing $22

Heart of the Alien Sega CD no manual $20

FC 16 Go System complete in box $20

Dragon Force complete with memory card $80