Hi guys,

I recently picked up a Sony PVM-2530 for retrogaming goodness. For those unfamiliar, it's a beautiful monitor that was used for video production back in the day. It has a SCART input which makes my Genesis look amazing.

It's not a very large monitor (25 inches) but the thing is a beast when it comes to weight. The tech specs I found online say that it's 150 lbs! Right now it's in the living room on a stand from Goodwill sitting next to the regular TV.

I've been researching picking up a higher/smaller stand for it so I can put it in my office, but I'm having trouble finding something that works. Here's one, for example, I was looking at, but the weight capacity is just a tad less than the monitor. Maybe it's not worth the risk?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good stand for this monitor. Any help would be appreciated. If you have one, any additional advice would also be welcome.

Thank you