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Yeah, I don't buy it either. They were never hard to find here in America either (unless maybe you lived out in the boonies). I remember laughing at how many PS3's were on the shelves right after launch, and laughing more that people had stood in line for days for no reason.

Wii on the other hand tended to be hard to find for years.
There was a period of a few days after launch where scalpers were getting a premium for PS3s. I remember not preordering and checking on-line prices on Ebay and they were selling at $1K+ for a day or two. I would assume local resellers were getting some premium over MSRP as well. I know all of my local stores "sold out" on launch day, but by the following week PS3s were relatively easy to find again and that's when I bought mine. You are correct that the Wii was literally hard to find for years in many areas.