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Thread: Any one else keeping up with all the Archie drama?

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    Latest news on this, in a report from the reliable Huffington Post:

    'Archie' Comics' Current Volume to End in June, Before Series Rises Again

    Like the legendary phoenix, the red-headed teen "Archie" is set to fall and rise again.

    The comic book series that has captivated readers since the 1940s will reach the end of its current volume with issue #666 in June, Comic Book Resources reported on Tuesday. The comics will then relaunch with "Archie" #1 this summer. It will see Riverdale personalities such as Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie debut with a whole new look, designed by author Mark Waid and illustrator Fiona Staples.

    It's not yet certain what "Archie" #666 will be about, but it is expected to look back on important moments in the series before the relaunch.

    The final issue of the current volume is being authored by Tom DeFalco, a former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and drawn by Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent, and Tim and Pat Kennedy.

    Parent has designed six covers for Issue #666, which is set to be published on June 3, said a news release quoted by AdWeek.

    Last year, Riverdale fans were shocked when the creators killed the eponymous character in a 'Life With Archie' issue that saw him jump in front of a bullet to save a friend. Obviously, the creators are not afraid of shaking things up.

    News of a rebooted "Archie" series was revealed by Archie comics publisher/CEO Jon Goldwater in a Reddit AMA from last year, the website noted.

    Goldwater said "Archie" #1 would be a "completely fresh take" on the universe that will nevertheless tap the same humour that fans are familiar with.

    "I'm not worried at all about repeating older stories or affecting the canon," he said. "We're breaking ground while of course respecting the storied history of Archie."

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    This thread is more about the drama between Archie and Ken Penders, with a one or two post tangent about the internal battles the company was having with the company president.

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    So, for anyone who is still interested, Ian Flynn is doing a new series that details his ideas for the Sonic story past #247 had the changes not taken place.

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