Here is the thing, I have both a Jag and a PSone, and I'm interested in getting a version of DOOM for one of these two. Originally, I was dead set on getting the Jag version, probably because the Jag doesn't have many games worth getting, and it's version of DOOM is definitely one of the few games that are worth getting on the jag. So by getting the Jag version of DOOM, I kindof help justify the fact that I got a Jag in the first place.

But, the Jag version of DOOM can be kinda costly, and if the PSone version is actually better anyways, I could probably just go for the PSone version instead.

All I remember is that I loved the Jag version of DOOM. I thought that it blew the 32X version out of the water. I also remember getting DOOM on the Playstation, and I like that one as well. I don't believe that I ever got Final Doom on the PSone. What was the difference with that one?

Oh, and if you are going to tell me to get neither and to get it on the PC, yeah, I understand that, but no thanks. I'm a console gamer.