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Thread: Game Gear Carrying Cases & Storage Methods

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    Default Game Gear Carrying Cases & Storage Methods

    Hey guys, It's come to that point that I'm in desperate need for a game gear carrying case to store my stuff. I keep my game boxes on the shelf, but I don't want to keep opening them up and chance ripping them. From what I found on-line is the biggest holds the GG and 10 games...which sucks...

    So I ask, do any bigger ones exist? or could you share how you store your GG games? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I have the carrying case which my friend gave to me. It also holds the system, AC adapter, Super Wide Gear, and battery pack. There's a pocket in the front for documentation, and one in the back for what I assume is for batteries. I can't find the model number for it, but here's a picture of it open:

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    I put all my portable games in plastic drawers. Granted, I don't have a Game Gear, but its worked out fine for GB(C/A) and NGPC.

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    Game Gear carrying cases don't hold that many games if you have a lot of them, it's easier to just store the games inside of a box or plastic bin. I had several different carrying cases a few years back when I had several systems and a bunch of games, I've sold everything now but I remember what those carrying cases were like when I had to deal with them. Either they were somewhat awkward to use or they started to fall apart, either way most hold just 12 games.

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