Hi, I am new to this website and need some help. Bear with me if I used the wrong terminology.

I inherited a big, heavy, phone booth size Atari 5200 arcade system. I was told it was last used in 1982. It was just a show piece in a relative's basement. I have seen it work. Nothing appears to be broken. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	4917The problem is, the person who dropped it off at my house, took the components out without documenting the wiring. I basically have three pieces, a video screen, an electrical section and a control panel. I want to wire it correctly without blowing any fuses or damaging it, but have no idea what to connect to what.

My intention is to get it working then sell it. It is too heavy to move. I have games and some other parts to go with it. Attached are some photos. Does anybody know what this thing is worth if I can get it working?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.