I guess this is kind of a two part question or thought. I'm a gamer true and true and fortunate to be able to support my hobby by my own means enough to own every console that is currently out and viable at retail (Right now the Wii, 360, PS3, 3DS/DS, Vita - heck even toss in the PS2 and PSP or iOS if you want). I realize many others aren't able to do that and generally have to stick to one or two consoles and be a little more selective with their cash.

It's quite a different story when your on this side of the fence looking at all the fanboy-laden controversies that go on. I'm certainly grateful to have my pick of any great game for any platform, in fact, I'm platform-blind really at this point (though I do love my 3DS). I do remember struggling through my teen years trying to support the dying Saturn and Dreamcast and hating the fact that Sony was cruising - so I've been there too.

What saddens me though is all the hate that's been spewed first towards the 3DS and now the Vita. I got my hands on the Vita a few weeks ago and the freshness of it still hasn't worn off. It's just so darn cool and the fact that it's capturing near current-gen console style gaming is a greater leap for gaming than I've seen in traditional consoles recently. If the Vita dies an early death I fear it'll be awhile, if we ever, get an experience like it again on a handheld.

I don't know, that's just my two cents. I felt like grumbling a little bit. I think the rumors of the Vita's early demise are quite premature (though a little more believable than they were with the 3DS). I guess I'm just saying as a gamer it's really not worth wishing demise on any console. Constructive criticism is fine, but blatant negativity is just pointless and kinda sad for our hobby.

Anyway - feel free to take this wherever, it doesn't have to be centered on Vita. I'm curious to hear opinions from people like me ('console blind' as I said) on the general state of modern gaming.