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    Default PalmOne Sega Classics Card

    I was looking around Amazon for Gamegear games and ran across these. What exactly are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Product Description
    From the Manufacturer
    You've waited long enough! Sega unlocked the vault-now you can relieve the manic energy of Sonic the Hedgehog, the danger of Shinobi, the intensity of Super Columns, and the passion of Shining Force II. Four unforgettable Sega Game Gear greats now packed into one "plug 'n play" card for your Palm handheld! Model Compatibility
    Tungsten C, Tungsten T, Zire 71
    Sounds to me like a media card that you plug into a compatible palm device and play some games. Looks like it has Sonic, Shinobi, Shining Force 2, and a Columns game.

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    Here's mine, but there are others with different games available

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