Well, I know the dudes behind the convention made it out to Vegas early this year to survey the scene at the Plaza... my question is, what's the situation with the hotel televisions? It looks like, from the pictures, the rooms have 32 inch flat screen tv's but I am wondering how hard it is to hook up a video game system to it. I went to Vegas last in 2009 and I stayed at the Main Street Station(just down the street from the Plaza) and they had old CRT's with front A/V hook ups. I also stayed at Circus Circus that trip in a recently updated room that had a 42 inch plasma. I was lugging around my NES and a stack of games that trip. I found that Circus Circus had this setup where a standard cable cord went from the back of the TV into a little satellite box that was velcro'd to the back of the TV and it was very easy to just connect the NES hookup between the TV and satellite box.

So, do you guys know anything about the Plaza televisions? I'm bringing the old toaster and a bunch of cables but it'd be cool to have a heads up about hotel gaming at the Plaza.