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Thread: Yellow Light of Death prevention for PS3 phats: fan mod

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    Default Yellow Light of Death prevention for PS3 phats: fan mod


    I just had to reflow two PS3s for my cousins and built them little modules that raise the baseline fan speed to prevent a recurrence of overheating. These are for the phat PS3 ONLY, not the slim. I made two extra, to cover my time and the expense of the materials used to build them. $19 shipped first class to anywhere in the contiguous USA. These go for $30-35 shipped on eBay all day, most sellers being in the UK. You are responsible for installing this yourself. It is easy. You splice three wires, they are color coded.

    This is the KillerBug design with controlled pulse modulation, essentially this boosts your PS3's fan speed.

    More info & installation procedure here:
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    Cool, I have been looking into getting one of these but as you stated most of them come from the UK and I didn't feel like waiting for one to ship from there. Might be interested in taking both of them off your hands. What kind of payment do you accept?

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