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Thread: RetroPort & RetroGen Review - Play NES or Genesis games on SNES!

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    Default RetroPort & RetroGen Review - Play NES or Genesis games on SNES!

    Hey guys, I'm been on a bit of a hiatus lately but wanted to let you know about my recent reviews of two new products from RetroBit - the RetroPort and the RetroGen, two cool devices that let you play NES games and Genesis games on your SNES respectively.

    You can read my text reviews or watch the video reviews or both!

    RetroPort Text review

    RetroPort Video review

    RetroGen Text review

    RetroGen Video review
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    I saw one of those Genny systems at Dollar General today for $40. The one with the wireless controllers. Well, I figured I'd get online and see what they're selling for and I hit first. I didn't see it there but I did see a third-party Genny controller, a video cable, and a few other things I'd have never expected to find there. Ran across this adapter, read the description, and it struck me as so damn odd that I suspect I may be dreaming. Too bad they don't make an Evernote Dream Clipper or I'd clip all this shit and email it to real life. Maybe it's just because I've been too busy to follow the scene in a while but does anybody else think it's weird as hell seeing Wal-Mart selling Genny & SNES accessories??

    Quote Originally Posted by
    If you have an SNES or another third party 16-bit console, the RETRO-BIT RetroGen Cartridge Adapter lets you relive your Genesis days! Go on and punch those zombies in Altered Beast, slice your enemies in Golden Axe, and zap those fighter planes in Truxton. Just insert the RetroGen Adapter into your 16-bit gaming console along with your Genesis game cartridge and you are officially retro!

    RETRO-BIT RetroGen Cartridge Adapter (SEGA Genesis):
    Compatible with most Genesis games and SNES or 16-bit consoles
    Includes 4 region switches for NTSC and PAL Megadrive and Genesis games
    Plug and Play
    Lightweight and travel-friendly

    Click here to view my collection.
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