Earlier this week, I battled an 8-year-old relative in a game of Pokemon Black using our Nintendo DS systems. To say the least, he's a big fan of Pokemon; he owns a binder full of trading cards and a room adorned with posters. He's nearly completed the Platinum, HeartGold and Black iterations of the treasured series.

You can imagine the excitement and wonder in his eyes when I explained how far back the Pokemon series spans. I even found myself falling into a nostalgic lull while talking about my time with Pokemon Red, and how "there's nothing like the original 151." After informing him that Pokemon Black and White 2 are due next in the series, his remark was, "So... did they pretty much run out of ideas?"

While he's a smart kid, it's easy to forget how perceptive all young players can be. Even though he loves the series in the same way I did years ago (he draws his own Pokemon creations), he noticed that each subsequent game feels like a lot like the last one. He also bashed "ace trainers" in the games, and wondered "how they can even think their bad Pokemon will win." I hadn't even wondered that myself.

While I work on devising a way to actually beat him in a game of Pokemon, I invite you to catch all of last week's webcomics, and then vote for your favorite after the break.

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