A friend has pointed me to digital press as a possibilty of selling off my DD (incomplete) collection, so here i am
Not sure where the marketplace is for this kind of thing on Digital Press, so I am going to try posting it here in imports because it IS japanese imports =p

Looking to sell off my DD stuff, I would much rather go through some fellow gamers than to deal with ebay auctions.. they really are very slow to notice this kind of thing.

If you're interested in buying the bundle(s) or specific items you can leave a message here, PM me but the fastest way you can get in contact with me is

My Emails

or FaceBook
Kurt Horsfall

I check these much more often than any forums

A few years ago I put up this online but I havent sold it yet... but im looking to do it (again)

I'm looking to sell off... everything!

All these are tested and works perfectly
Top Left to bottom right...

1 Rand Net Keyboard
2 F-Zero Xpansion
3 Mario Artist Red, with mouse
4 Rand Net starter kit disk+case+manuals
5 Mario Artist White
6 Doshin the Giant
7 Sealed Sim City64
8-9 Mario artist Blue, 2copies
10 Sim City 64
11 Mario Artist green, with mic and cart.

Closer looks ect.

I'm also looking and willing to sell off my NTSC-J n64 consoles and games, for those who need it to use it for the F-Zero import with the DD Expansion kit. The box and console of the n64 import is not in that great of condition but it still works perfectly fine. all the cables are included

For the N64 imports I have + DDimports here's one last picture with everything. F-zero Xpansion is out of the case because its the only one i play regularly

A duplicate of this post is up on the 64DD.net marketplace, and Nintendo64Forever, and GameTZ classifieds section as well! since i dont know which of the boards is more active.
but you might want to check out the GameTZ or N64forever posts for more pictures (this site only lets me do 10.) http://gametz.com/forum/Classifieds/...57869.html#new or http://s9.zetaboards.com/Nintendo_64...7344081/1/#new

Grade(C) N64 NTSC-J
Grade(B) 64DD Unit Serial DJ 10008345 Model No. NUS-010 (JPN)

64DD Disks
Grade(S) Sim City 64 Sealed
Grade(A) Sim City 64
Grade(A) Rand Net Disk
Grade(A) Mario Artist White, side label is a tiny bit off center
Grade(A) Mario Artist Red, with mouse and box (has a bulge due to packing of the mouse
Grade(A) Mario Artist Green(Talent Studio), with cart and mic (box has a small amount of wear
Grade(B+) Doshin the Giant, cart missing side label but comes with rare cardboard case cover
Grade(B+) F-Zero Expansion Kit, manual is slightly warped
Grade(B) Mario Artist Blue, cart's main label losing a bit of the adhesive
Grade(B) Mario Artist Blue, cart missing side label

N64 Japan Imports, all grade(A)

Prices are not solidified yet, I'm posting to different forums and trying to see what kind of offers I will get, . However I might be aiming at $1400 for int shipping (For the whole lot, including jp imports) and $1300 if im not shipping it across the whole world

right now the most activity is on n64forums so if you want to contact me or keep up with the situation, it would be best to talk to me there or through emails
thanks for looking!