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Thread: Heavy Weapon: My 80's action movie graphic novel

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    Exclamation Heavy Weapon: My 80's action movie graphic novel

    I posted this over in off-topic a little while ago, because I had no idea there was a comics-specific forum here
    Oh well, hopefully I can actually get some comic-minded people to see this now instead of being a tard and posting it elsewhere.

    A 15-page preview can be seen here:

    Plot Summary
    Vietnam veteran, and former member of an elite Special Forces group, John Magnum, left the military due to the tragic loss of his entire battalion while under his command. Since then, he has been consumed with guilt over the deaths of his men. He just wants to live a normal life and forget his violent past. . .

    . . .But now, his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Deckard, has tracked him down to inform him that a small group of POWs, captured during the war 10 years ago, have been found, and are being used as slave labor for a drug cartel in Costa Rica. Deckard asks Magnum to accompany him as an escort on a Top Secret mission to rescue the POWs, but Magnum refuses. . .it's not his battle anymore.

    Only a few days later, Magnum is approached by his old friend Richter, the sole survivor of Magnum's lost battalion. Richter presents Magnum with a surprising video tape revealing that Deckard and his crew have been captured, and are being tortured then killed one-by-one at the hands of a ruthless drug lord. Before the tape ends, Colonel Deckard makes a plea for help from Magnum.

    Magnum knows he can't let any more of his friends get killed and decides to go to Costa Rica to exact his revenge on everyone in his path on his mission to rescue Deckard, his team, and the POWs from the clutches of the heartless drug lord. . .


    If you'd like to preorder, just hang on a bit longer...I will be accepting preorders via Paypal soon.



    I've been keeping details low outside of the artist and a short preview so as not to spoil anything, but I do have plans to fill out the book as much as possible. I'm trying to get some extra concept art from various artists, and such.

    Here are my goals:

    - Professional quality hardcover / softcover editions
    - Full color cover / dust jacket in high gloss laminate on the HC versions
    - Gloss enamel paper pages, if possible
    - The book will be B&W (I wanted a full color rendition done, but that's really expensive).
    - Art gallery and concept pages, possibly a 'behind the scenes documentary' of the comic/story process.
    - Page format will be 8x10 for the hardcover/LE, and the mass run will be 8.5x11 probably.
    - Estimating about 200 pages, possibly more depending on what I can cram in there. The story itself is 153 pages.
    - Bonus Extras will be included with the Munition Edition, which will be limited to no more than 250 copies.

    The reason I decided against full color is because each book will end up costing more than triple the price of B&W each to print (due to full color printing costs). If future/other prints happen, it'll likely be perfect-bound softcover only. I might have additional different covers for the first two runs, but alternate covers are more expensive and I hate passing my costs off onto buyers, so we'll see.


    Here's a sample of one of the nearly finished pages:

    ...and for comparison, this is the untouched "inked" page:


    Here's a prototype of the Munition Edition (subject to change, and probably will for the better):

    - Ammo Box Packaging
    - Character Trading Cards
    - Challenge Coins
    - Dog Tags
    - USB Bullet w/ Digital Copy of Heavy Weapon
    - Survival Knife & Chinese Dagge Bookmarks
    - Hardcover Book

    Items that may also be included, but not pictured:
    - Poster
    - Mini Book containing "Making of...", and more.

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    I have some reviews in now from a small 'focus group'...and in interest of being honest, I would disclose if anything negative was said...but nothing negative was said so far, so that's good. Here are some quotes:

    Review #1, by Gustav Fitzpatrick,

    "[it] felt like an action movie"
    "If that was your goal, you accomplished it completely."
    "I liked the puns. The corniness put a smile on my face."
    "very well drawn"
    "It told the story coherently and in a nice flow."

    Review #2, by Edward Terwilliger

    "I really enjoyed how the main character was a badass and a smartass at the same time. He really kept things fresh in my opinion."
    "The story is honestly very well done.... very honest and did not pull any punches."
    "I thought the weapons were badass."
    "Would make a great action movie."
    "I think people will enjoy it as much as I did."

    Review #3, by William Tsueng

    "Heavy Weapon is what it is: the quintessential '80s action movie that you watch over and over, just like in the good ol' days...only you don't have to worry about the VCR eating your tape."
    "Reading it was akin to sitting down and watching a movie"
    "I am most glad to have been able to read this"
    "Overall I found it cheesy and fun, definitely like an '80s movie!"
    "I'd like to see more of John. Here's hoping for a sequel!"

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    Looks really interesting. Art is great. I'll keep this in mind.

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    It's slowly gaining interest the more I put out there about it, and since I expanded the preview to 15-pages...I'm trying to show as much as possible without spoiling it, but so far the feedback I've been getting on these reviews at least tells me I'm on the right track. I just have to find a better way to get the word spread without spamming or spending anymore money I don't have :-p

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    This looks cool. I'd be on board for a graphic novel in softcover so I could read it.

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    Thanks. I'm trying to get it out by December hopefully. I didn't want to have to push it into 2013, but if that's what it takes...

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    Another review in!

    Review #4 by John Bowlin

    "Heavy Weapon has really outstanding black and white pencils that show a level of detail that really brings you into the story."
    "...take all the 80's action movies and mash them together and BOOM! HEADSHOT! Add in a heaping helping of pop culture references and sadistic humor and what you have is a nice warm cup of blowing shit up."
    "John Magnum cracks wise as good as he cracks skulls. He's like Rambo and Adrian Cronauer rolled together."
    "Heavy Weapon entertains, and that is what its all about. Sure, you could buy another Spider-Man comic book, or you could buy something Marvel is too pussy to put out."

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    The illustrations look pretty great! Hey check out Ogreatgames for video games and much more!

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