So maybe this is a bit too new to be classified as a classic computer game discussion, if so my apologies.

I'm moving into a new home soon that only has satellite internet access (through Hughesnet), cable or DSL isn't an option since it is not within the service area yet.

Obviously this won't cut it for modern online console use. I can access Xbox Live and do little things like game updates or marketplace purchases; but I can't download most demos due to the FAP and the connection just isn't fast enough for online play.

Almost all the PC games I have are from the mid-nineties. I was hoping to be able to play some with a friend of mine and have him host the games since he has a broadband connection through cable. I'm not really interested in playing on open servers or with a bunch of people, so that really isn't an issue.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I know with satellite internet access there's a huge latency issue, but I wouldn't think that would be any worse than my existing 56k connection. For older PC games that work somewhat well with dialup, would they be playable? I'm looking at games around the Quake 1-2 timeline and before.

If anyone has experience with using a service like this with older PC games I'd love for you to share.