We have a block of live programming beginning this Saturday at 11 AM EDT with Paul Zimmerman on Donkey Kong Junior (Wii VC) and then at 8 PM EDT it's Mason Cramer on Donkey Kong Junior (NES).

Live streaming continues Sunday, July 1 @ 9 AM as the King of 3, George Riley, streams Donkey Kong 3 (MAME). Then on July 3 at 5:00 PM EDT, Marc Cohen streams Video Pinball (2600).

The block of programming wraps up on Independence Day with Christian Keilback's Berzerk (2600) world record attempt at 8:30 AM EDT.

We will be collecting money for Child's Play throughout all these broadcasts. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter (@RcadeMag) for live streaming updates from R'cade Live!