Hey all. I recently acquired a small lot of GameGear games, one of these being the Japanese Import version of Sonic Labyrinth. For the most part it plays flawlessly on my US game gear, but there is one odd issue.

If pushed in all the way, the cartridge will NOT connect.

In order to boot the game, I have to either push it in incompletely or raise an edge of it a little. It might have something to do with being an import but it's currently the only import I own so I can't test with others. US carts boot like a dream.

Is this the fault of the Japanese region or the cart itself? (if so, would alcohol cleaning help it or jeopardize how much it works now?)

Not a huge issue and I can live with setting it in partially, but a little bump pushing it in more by accident will crash the game and somehow disconnect it so it'd be nice to know.