I'm getting ready to do yet another purge of video game stuff that I: A) Haven't touched in the past five years and B) Probably will not play in the next five years. I know the value is all over the place with Atari stuff but for the most part it has all trended way down (with the exception of Jaguar stuff, imagine that!). So I need a little help figuring out the values of my remaining 7800 and Lynx packages.

The Atari 7800 stuff contains the following:
Atari 7800 ProSystem (expansion slot version) in original box with power supply
Atari 7800 Pro-Line Joystick (x2)
Commando (loose)
Crossbow (loose)
Kung-Fu Master (loose)
Pole Position II (loose)
Titlematch Pro Wrestling (loose)
Tower Toppler (loose)
Xevious (loose)

The box is in good shape with the insert but I don't think it has an RF box and if I'm remembering correctly it doesn't have any of the documentation either. I need to pull it out to check over all that stuff.

The Atari Lynx stuff contains the following:
Atari Lynx II system (loose, no issues)
Atari Lynx II Carrying Pouch
Batman Returns (loose)
California Games (loose)
Chip's Challenge (complete)
Hydra (complete)
Klax (complete)
Paperboy (loose)
Rampart (complete)
S.T.U.N. Runner (complete)
Xybots (complete)

When you can see the games I kept when I sold off the excess years ago you can see why I bought a Lynx in the first place.

There it all is, nothing incredible but sold little packages to get someone going with the respective platforms. Any pricing help would be much appreciated and if you're in the Silicon Valley / Greater Bay Area (or are attending California Extreme) and are interested in a purchase let me know! After I get this stuff sorted out I'll get it listed for sale properly in the other subforum.