alright i wasnt thinking and stuffed all of my game stuff into the storage unit while my wife and i are looking for a house to buy, all of it except for my import stuff (one lowly box of it) any way i neglected to ralize i would need a SNES to play my SFC games in my import box since the SFC and other SNES system i have are also in sotrage so luckily i picked up a console only for about $2 at the as is store.

got arround recently to go play a game, popped the tabs out stick a game in turn it on. light comes on, no video no sound. stick a US game in (mario world) still light but no video or sound. i'm at a friends house so we try his snes lights sound and video. didnt try SFC games because its not my system to go popping the tabs out.

so i get home, open it up to find it with a bunch of stuff in it (because its hella dirty on the out side) and nothing. took it all apart and no physical problems that i can see no bad solder joints or any thing.

so far i have tried cleaning the hell out of bot the carts and the connector but to no avail. the connector isnt overly used, when not using the eject button it takes a bit of force to remove a game
so it was tested with a confirmed working av cable and ac adaptor, the contacts were cleaned, the connector was tested, inserted and removed the games a bunch of times and cleaned the one speck of dust on the inside

theres obviously an internal issue some where i just am not sure how to go about it.

its a SNS-CPU-RGB-02 , has a copyright date of 1995