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Thread: WTB Shadowman & Turok Comic

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    Default WTB Shadowman & Turok Comic

    I posted this in the buying/selling section initially but thought it might get some more attention in the comic section.

    Comic related but directly related to video gaming as both of the comics I am looking for were only available through video game purchases.

    First one I am looking for is a special edition Shadowman comic that was only contained in some boxes of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil PC game. There is 2 versions of the same book and both obtained through the PC game. A full size comic and a slightly smaller ashcan. I'm looking for both.

    Second is Turok Evolution that was inntended to be free with the purchase of the Turok: Evolution Strategy Guide from EB Games in 2002. Not to be confused with the normal version, the EB Games version says EB games on the front cover.

    If you have a copy or 12, just send me a message and we can work out a deal.

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    Default Shadowman Comic


    ive noticed you have posted on several sites regarding the shadowman comic that came with some copies of turok 2. so you must want it bad so i thought id help out.

    Are you only after mint condition or will any copy do?

    My copy is in good condition and I have only just realised rescently that people or paying good money for it.

    my copy has a very slight crease on the top right of the front page but every other page is in good condition.

    I dont use this sight so if your intrested email me at as i only signed up to this sight to see if I can help you out in your search.

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    I have a copy in good condition, let me know if you are still interested

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