Alright in an attempt to try and create a fun experience for all of us users to be involved in I am always trying to come up with ideas for games we can do on the forums. I created the high score challenge which did meh.
So I am back with a new idea

The Digital Press Video Game Maker Challenge.
Gonna be hopefully broken up into sections meeting the field of people with different talents. The next one will have something to do with art so all the artists who want in on this better start warming up those pencil's/pens/tablets.
Now onto the game at hand

PART 1: "The Pitch"

Challenge: The idea is to come up with a video game to end all video games or at least in your mind. Ya know that one big idea you have that you would love to see happen. It could be any kinda game. RPG, Action, FPS, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Platform, side scroller, over head scroller, anything.
What I want you to do is to treat your fellow board members like as if they were the CEO's of this video game company you work for and you were going to pitch this super great idea.

Basically tell a tale about your game or describe it. Try to wrap us into it and wanna play it right now! Make the description as detailed as much as you want and have fun with it

Gonna give you guys a month to do this challenge. Then come august 20th gonna make a separate post as a voting page in which allow everyone to vote for their favorite video game pitch idea.

Like I said Part 2 will have something for the artists on here to do so dust off the art supplies.