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Thread: WTTF: Mr. Do (SNES) -- Huge trade list inside, name your trade!

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    Default WTTF: Mr. Do (SNES) -- Huge trade list inside, name your trade!

    I have been wanting to play Mr. Do on SNES for awhile and can't get it going on my powerpak. Does anyone have a copy(complete or loose) for trade? Below is what I have in trade. Just send me a PM with what you want in trade! Thanks and help a brother out!!!

    Here is what I got in trade. If you see anything you like, let me know!
    My "For Trade" list:
    Xbox Games(complete and discs look new)
    Indigo Prophecy (New & Sealed) 10 copies
    Metal Slug 4
    Area 51
    Pirates of Caribbean
    Open Season
    Marc Eckos Getting Up
    MX World Tour
    True Crime Streets of LA(sealed)
    True Crime NYC
    Army Men Maj. Malfunction
    Burnout Revenge
    Dance Dance Rev. Ultramix(no instructions)
    Harry Potter Quidditch
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    Harry Potter Prision of Azkaban
    Wings of War
    Quantum Redshift
    Conflict: Desert Storm
    KND: Operation: VIDEO GAME
    Lego Star Wars
    The Haunted Mansion
    Taito Legends
    The Sims
    The Thing
    TAK The Great Juju Challenge
    Spiderman 2(Replacement case/no instructions)

    Xbox 360 Games(complete & Discs look new)
    Need for Speed Most Wanted(sealed)
    mx VS. atv Untamed
    Meet the Robinsons
    Xmen Offical Game
    The Outfit(Replacement Cover/includes instructions)

    Gamecube games(complete and discs look new)
    Super Mario Strikers(sealed)
    Star Fox Assault (sealed)
    Sonic Riders (sealed)
    Sonic Heroes (sealed)
    Naruto Clash of Ninja 2(sealed)
    Gamecube preview Disc(5 playable Demos on Cover with Fullsized Case and original cover)
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike( Preview Disc with Fullsized Case and original cover)
    Surf's Up
    Sim's Bustin Out
    Ed, Edd, n Eddy
    Disney's Tarzan Untamed (no instructions)
    Monster House
    Happy Feet
    Freaky Flyers
    Fairly Odd Parents Breakin da Rules
    Finding Nemo
    Lemony Snickets
    Donal Duck Goin Quakers
    Winnie the Pooh
    Tony Haek American Wasteland
    Spiderman 2
    Monsters Inc.
    TY the Tasmanian Tiger
    Scaler Spyros Hero Tail

    PS2 Games(Complete and Dscs look new)
    Mercury Meltdown(sealed)
    BeatDown: Fists of Vengeance(sealed)
    Sega Classics Collection(sealed)
    MLB Power Pros 2008(sealed)
    Hot Shots Tennis (sealed)
    Ed Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventures(sealed)
    Treasure Planet
    Skyguner Suikoden V
    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel
    Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters
    Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
    Shadow te Hedgehog
    Shadow Hearts From the New World
    Raw Danger
    Rise of the Kasai
    Ephemeral Fantasia
    Sitting Ducks
    Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
    The Red Star
    Hot shots Golf Fore!
    Sonic Unleahed
    Cars Mater-national
    Veggie Tales Larry Boy and the Bad Apple
    Under the Skin
    Rebel Raider
    The Mark of Kri
    Ape Escape 3
    Herdy Gerdy
    Family Fued
    Strike Force

    SNES Cart only
    Brain Lord
    7th Saga
    PTO II
    Secret of Evermore
    Illusion of Gaia
    Operation Europe
    Contra III
    Aerobiz (sticker residue should come off)
    Unchartered Waters: New Horizon x’s 2 (sticker residue on one should come off)

    Saturn Games-Loose
    Streetfighter 3 Double Impact
    The King of Fighters Dream Match 1999

    Captain SkyHawk
    Bases Loaded
    Championship Bowling (complete; missing Styrofoam)

    Lumines II

    Mick and Mack Global Gladiators (w/case; no instruct)
    Hellfire –loose
    Herzog Zwei (case & instructions---no game)

    Sega Master System Games
    Castle of Illusion-complete
    OutRun- complete
    Choplifter- complete
    R-Type (w/case)
    Wonder Boy III (w/case)
    Double Dragon- loose
    Shanghai- loose
    OutRun- loose

    Playstation 1
    Xmen v Streetfighter (disc only)

    Stampede- complete
    Space Battle-complete
    Space Spartans (w/box & instructions)
    Moto Cross-loose
    NHL Hockey- (w/box and instructions only)

    Vectrex Cart Only
    Armor Attack

    Sega Game Gear-Loose w/plastic case
    Aliens 3
    Predator 2

    Game.Com Pocket Pro System w/10 loose games(system seems very glitchy)

    Atari 2600
    Armor Ambush (sealed)
    Space Attack (sealed)
    Adventues of Tron (w/instructions)
    Taz (w/instructions)
    FireFly and Sorcerer both by Mythicon both with mini instructions
    Dig Dug 7800 (sealed)

    Sears TeleGames all with instructions: Chase, Warlords, Yars Revenge, Dare Diver

    Easy Flash 2 GBA Flash Card 256 Mb(card only)
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    got a copy of Mr. Do

    will send photos tonight.

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