Well I have some left over inventory, mixed with some new Inventory. I decided to lower the prices (considerably on some.....less on others) I would try my very best to do $100 bundles. I have itesm categoried by how many you can purchase for $100. Example 2-for-$100 and then you can pick two items below. Im not opposed to mixing and matching as long as the values match up Example 2 5 for $100 items ($40 in value) and 6 10 for $100 items (60 in value). Hopefully you guys want some of this. I had 3 cancelled transactions alone on ebay this weekend and Im either about to put some of this in the closet till christmas or throw up some massive lots that can go crazy or not.

YOU MUST SPEND $100 to get the prices marked. If not, prices will go up a little. ALSO FREE SMALL GIFT WITH EVERY $100 spent!

Last couple things (sorry for the long type). The $100 is SHIPPED paypal gift to the US. No where else. International members, please realize you will be adding more shipping depending on what you want. This is unavoidable. I will provide a picture to anyone who needs em. I might just add them as I am asked for them, I will also do my best to describe condition.

1 for $100
Nes Action Set Complete in MINTY Box with Styro, booklet all original cords wires, zapper, SMB/DH and controllers
SNES Super Set Complete in super minty box with all handouts. Includes System cords/wires/Mario World/ controllers SOLD THANKS

2 for $100
Smoke Grey Funtastic w/ atomic purple controller N64 system
Megaman E3 Exclusive bookbag x2
Contra 3 SNES CIB Manual with slight pull on front, box very good, cart very good.
Manual Lot of 38. Notable manuals include minty Conkers, Mega man x, Mega Man 2 GB, TMNT Tournament fighters SNES etc. Good deal.

3 for $100
Dragon Warrior 3 Cart-Nes
Journey to Silius Complete Minty-NES

4 for $100
Bee 52 CIB Minty-Nes
Rainbow Island Cart-Instructions---NES
Castlevania Chronicles PS1 CIB
Dreamcast w/ 2 controllers Hydro Thunder DO

5 for $100
SMB Black Box Mario CIB--Instructions bad...pretty much just the cover NES
SMB 3 CIB x2 (you only get one...stating I have 2 avail) NES
TMNT CIB...Box is not the best....NES
River City Ransom....Rental Sticker Cart with Manual...NES
Gremlins 2 CIB Back of box has rip...NES
Zelda CIB...Box has writing Manual is rougher....NES
Dragon Warrior CIB..NES
Techmo Super Bowl Cart Box...Box isnt perfect.
2 NES Dogbone Controllers SOLD

7 For $100
Super Punchout Cart SNES SOLD
Parasite Eve 2 No Manual PS1
Donkey Kong Country 2 Cart SNES
Super Mario All Stars w/ Book SNES
Journey to Silius Cart NES
Ninja Guiden 2 Cart NES
Odin Sphere PS2
PhsychoNauts Ps2 No Book
Low G man NES CIB
Platoon NES CIB
MArio 3 CB
Warriors Ps2
Capcom E3 Exclusive Lanyard

10 For $100 (multiples are just saying they are multiples you only get 1 for the price)
N64 Official Controller x2
N64 Power Supply
Xbox 360 Powerbrick x30
Gamecube Controller x2
Killer Instinct SNES
Fallout 3 Promo Dvd x2 SEALED
Various NES, Gamecube, DS, Gameboy Lanyards (ask)
Indy Car Series PS2 (no book)
Mario is Missing SNES
Donkey Kong Country with book SNES x2
Super Mario 3 Cart NES
Super Mario 2 Cart NES
Big Bird Hide and Speak CB (box bad) NES
Resident Evil Players Choice Gamecube
Resident Evil 0 Players Choice Gamecube
Ps2 Network ADaptor x2
Ps2 Slim power Cords x10
Castlevania Lament of innocence Ps2
Katamari Damacy Ps2
Xbox Controllers

20 for $100
Ps2 Controllers
Ps1 Controllers
ps2 AV Cords x100
xbox 360 av Cords x20
Pinnochio SNES
Battle Tank NES
Robin Hood w/ Manual
Y's 3 Wanderers SNES SOLD
ARmored Core Ps1
Ms. Pacman SNES
Devil Kings Ps2
Civ 4 Collectors Edition PC
Metal Gear Solid 4 Promotional DVD
Mystery Quest NES
Dark Cloud GH Ps2 SOLD
Way of the SAmuri Ps2
NES MAx Controllers x3