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Thread: Best way to pack video game systems for travel?

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    Default Best way to pack video game systems for travel?

    I'm getting ready to move in to my college apartment for the semester, and naturally bringing a bunch of different systems for myself and roommates to enjoy. But what's the best way to pack these babies up to make sure they don't get damaged during travel? Also obviously trying to take up the smallest amount of space as possible since I have a small car

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    Well if it's a space issue, luggage, dead center around a pile of your clothing. With a little more room a smaller box with bubble wrap or something else that has some good cushion and give.

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    I'd say get a box is atleast the length of the largest system you plan to take. Put some newspaper on the bottom and place bubble wrap on top of that. Bubble wrap around all sides of the system. Do the same for all the other systems and put them long ways in the box. Then any space that's hasn't been taken fill with some newspaper. Then fill more newspaper ontop of the consoles and seal the box.

    You could do without the newspaper on top and on bottom, but you'd probably won't the systems in there without any room so they won't get knocked around during travel. If by some chance the box tips over, they'd be fine.
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