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Thread: Whats the best way to sell comics?

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    Default Whats the best way to sell comics?

    Is (aka lonestar comics) worth a look? Selling lots of runs on ebay would probably maximize earnings, but a LOT of work! Any advice is appreciated, FYI I have around 6000 books to sell.
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    Honestly, I have no idea. I'm in a similar boat myself and while I don't have nearly the number of books you do, what I would part with isn't worth anything.
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    Its really tough, especially if you're looking to sell a lot of comics at once. Local shops ain't paying top dollar for piles of extra comics (or LonestarComics for that matter. Less then a buck for Fatale #1? F that). and E-Bay listing fees can be a real bear if you're listing numerous lots at once. And don't get me started on pricey shipping materials.

    I... don't really have any advice to give really, I'm just in a similar boat. I've got a bunch of comics that should be able to squeeze a few bucks out at least, but there's no real effective way to get them out their to the buying public that won't cost me in the long run. There's definitely a back issue market out there, it just costs a lot to have you books hanging out there long enough to get a bite.
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    Mostly sell my old comics to friends, friends who would like to start a collection of their own. They pay more then what the comic book store usually do.

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    Maybe craigslist? I have a bunch of older crap comics that I overpaid on(as in I actually paid something for them), I haven't bothered to list them yet but maybe someone will buy them there. I doubt stores will want them unless they're actually valuable. I sold a few trade paperback collections through the classifieds for a fair amount.

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    I've never checked into who might want Urusei Yatsura comics. Rather weird sight today, Japanese origin in a flipped more-US-like size.
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    Selling comics is a tough cookie, theres so many contributing factors- condition, appearances, complete runs, etc....all will determine how much money you make. I dont even bother selling anything unsignificant from the late 70s to present day, its just not worth it.

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    I have the same problem, actually mine are in pretty good condition, I just can't find anyone interested enough to buy them

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    I know this is a necro bump but I recently had this dilemma as well. I have anywhere from 2,000-3,000 comics to sell. Most were collected during the 90's and early 2000's so I don't expect that they are still worth what they were back then. But I'd like to get something decent for them. Has anything changed as far as marketplaces to sell comic books?
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    I would hate to sell comics worth <$50 on ebay, etc. You can't just throw a comic in a padded envelope and call it a day like you can a game cart or DVD cased game.

    The chances of someone filing INAD are probably fairly high for comics as well. A buyer could easily damage a book slightly, claim INAD or attempt to extort a partial refund out of you.

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    Conventions and the swap-meets therein have been my favored way to sell comics for the last few years. It depends heavily on your area, but I've got regulars who stop by every show to try and make deals.

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    Have you tried ebay? I have sold comics there for a good price.

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