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Thread: Anyone ever played Lunar 2 (psx version) on a PS3

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    Default Anyone ever played Lunar 2 (psx version) on a PS3

    I've got a weird issue happening and just wondered if anyone else had had it happen to them.

    When I start the game, I go into the menu with the PS3 button and set the controller to analog, which is supported by the game. Yet whenever there's an FMV, this setting gets changed back to digital, and I have to go back and set it back to analog again in the menu.

    Is it like this on the PS2 also, or just some quirk with PS3's PSX emulator?

    It's not a huge deal, just curious about it.

    UPDATE: I tried it on my PS2 (and PSone) and it definitely only happens on the PS3.
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