Turbografx 16 deck with power supply and AV cables. No controller included. Grabbed it thinking I may need a spare US deck for Hucards, but honestly I probably dont since there is not a ton of US titles I want. System has been modded to add s-video and also a line out stereo audio jack. You can either use computer speakers with this system, or use a earphone to RCA audio cable, or just use the stereo out of a Turbobooster or Turbo Cd. Since earphone to RCA cables are thinner, using this jack instead of a RCA set eliminates some of the bulkiness that would have come with a couple of RCA jacks and cables sticking out of the systems side. System isn't mint by any means, but works great and all. I cleaned the system inside and out. Would make a nice deck for someone who just needs a starter deck to access US games, but wants something better then RF.

(sorry I couldn't get better quality screen pics of gameplay, camera and my tv dont play nice together)

Shockman, hucard with manual. Grabbed this thinking I might still enjoy the game well enough, but really don't so much anymore. Played through and beat it a couple of days ago, don't plan to again.

Dungeon Explorer loose.

Trade wise, just looking for PCE and Tg16 hucard and cd games I don't have yet. Hit me up with a offer and see where it goes. No sales, this stuff is strictly for trade only. On trades, unless I have dealt with the other person prior, or they have concluded multiple transactions with someone I know personally, I expect the other party to ship first, and to purchase tracking and insurance to protect their shipment/investment. After their package arrives and check sout OK I will do the same. Packags ship out of my home twice a week when USPS does its package pick ups here. List of some stuff I would be interested in is as follows:

Aero Blasters (any region)
Monster Lair (any region)
Galaga 88/90' (any region)
Raiden hucard or Scd (any region)
Silent Debuggers US
Cadash US
Parasol Stars (any region)
Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury Special
World Heroes 2
Ave 6 gamepad
Arcade Card Duo
Psycho Chaser
Metal Stoker
Chase HQ (any region)
Altered Beast Cd with 1.0 card
Splatterhouse Jp
Martial Champion
Riot Zone
Last Alert
Valis 1-4
Ys 1&2 US
Gate of Thunder US
Cho Aniki
Ai Cho Aniki
Buster Bros.
Black Hole Assault
Zero Wing
Bomberman 94
Devils Crush
Gokuraku! Chūka Taisen
Samurai Ghost
Operation Wolf
Soldier Blade
Sapphire bootleg
Violent soldier
Valkyrie no Densetsu
Dracula X
Blood Gear
Gain Ground
Godzilla JP
Winds of Thunder
Ranma 1/2: Datō Ganso Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū
Sidearms Special
Horror Story
Super Darius 2